Admission/Application Essay, Other

Points to Include:

1.Why you chose to come to Westchester Community College.
2.Future goals.
3.Your favorite subjects or courses
4. A scholarship for which you feel especially qualified.( Why i need it )

I will foward you all my information about me. Put the information you will receive in a clean order. Elaborate more if you need too. Give me a call if you need me.
Added on 17.09.2016 21:27
My name is Elton Palaj. I am 23 years old. I was born in Albania. I emigrated to the United States when i was 6 years old in 1999. My family lost everything from the Ponzi Scheme which occurred but we were able to get visas to come to the United States. There was a Civil War going on in Albania at the time because of this.

It was tough for me and my family because we did not know the language. My mother and father both worked very hard to support me. When i was 13 years old my father was injured from a shooting at work which left him a quadriplegic. It was very tough for me and my mom because he was a big provider for us and now we have to take care of him. I was very lost for the next few years because i did not know what to do to help my mom and dad because money was a issue and being a young child I was traumatized and did not understand what was going on.
I attended Cardinal Spellman High school in the Bronx. I graduated in 2011 but because of my family troubles I could not pursue college right after high school.
i have to work to pay for college because my family does not have enough money because we have to take care of my fathers needs. My mother and father inspired me to peruse college because i have seen how hard it was for them to be able to support me as immigrant parents. They did not get paid well and had very simple jobs. My parents are my inspiration.

I chose to come to Westchester Community College because it has a very good reputation for transferring students to reputable colleges at an affordable rate for students. They have great professors which i have learned much from. They have helped me understand better about the career i want to pursue. When i came to WCC i will have to admit i did not know what i wanted to major in or where i wanted to go after wcc.

My favorite subjects/courses are any kind of history classes, macroeconomics and economics. I have always loved to learn about the past. It is something that has interested me all my life since i was even younger. I always excelled in history classes all my life throughout my younger school years. I also like economics because it is something which also interests me because economies operate the world and how it effects people and am fascinated by how complex the world markets are. This is where my passion really is.

I am a Business Administration major but after Westchester Community College i will pursue a degree in Economics. My goal is to transfer to a good economics school and work at an investment bank as a junior analyst. I see a good future in this career for myself because I will be involved in the financial market of the world and will get hands on experience.

It has been very tough for me to pay for school this year. I had to take off the last spring semester so that i can work because i couldn\”t go to school and work to pay for college because it was very hard to focus in my classes. This semester i have taken off from work to focus on school and am taking 18 credits because i have the time to focus to do well. I am very determined to succeed.

It will be hard to me to pay for tuition again in the winter session and spring semester because I have to pay for tuition and books. This is why I am applying for a scholarship. This Scholarship will allow me to focus on my education and not have to worry over working to pay for tuition. I want to become the first of my family with a college degree. My family was raised during communism so a higher education was out of the question. I would be happy with any kind of help I can receive.

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