Views of young British Africans between the age of 16-24 on hypertension.

Basically, this research is a primary research that aims to understand what young British Africans feel and also understand about hypertension; since research has reported that the highest prevalence of high blood pressure is observed among the people of this ethnic group and also, generally hypertension has been noted to develop early in this ethnic group during young age (16-24) but will not manifest as a clinical condition until later in life when it can get worse or be maintained (between 40-70). To carry out this research, a qualitative method will be used where one on one interview using semi structured questions will be conducted, and a sample of 15 participants will be considered. This sample would be made up of 7 males and 8 females; the reason for basing the interview on gender is because the alarming rate of high blood pressure observed among this ethnic group vary with gender, so the research also aim to know if gender differences occur in the views of these young ones on hypertension in order to explain why there exist gender differences in rate of prevalence. This research is mainly based on black Africans in the UK. Therefore, I am contracting edusson to help build a comprehensive, well detailed and rich methodology chapter which would be on qualitative research and its relation exactly to this topic and its plan. Thanks.

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