Virtue theory in ethics, derived from Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas continues to find application in business and medical ethics, as well as in daily life. What virtues are the most important for contemporary life? Define each virtue, give examples of their importance, and show how these virtues were demonstrated in particular incidents or by particular people. How can we develop these virtues? Do some virtues depend on others? What are the relationships among these virtues? Summarize by explaining why these virtues in particular, as opposed to other virtues, or rule-based systems, are important to cultivate.

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Subject: Essays

The final draft of the paper must be a minimum of five content pages. The paper must include a Works Cited page and a detailed abstract on the cover page. The bibliography must include at least four original references. All references in the paper must be original–five new references in addition to the textbook are required. These new references must be either books, articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, or other works written by philosophers (not journalists or nonacademic writers).

The research paper must be written using Modern Language Association (MLA) style. You must perform a spell-check as well as a grammar-check, and grammar errors will receive a reduction in grade.