W3A1-Epid & Applied Healthcare Stats

My State is Alabama1. Using CDC Wonder data (http://wonder.cdc.gov/cmf-icd10.html) for “all causes of death” for males in your state at a calculated rate of per 100,000 in 2005. Compare this to “all causes of death” for males in a different state of your choosing. Which state (of the two that you have chosen) has the higher rate for “all causes of deaths” for males in 2005?2. Using the same criteria as above, select at topic of your choice from the heading “Injury Mechanism & All Other Leading Causes” which state (of the two that you have chosen) has the higher rates of your selected cause? Why do you think this is so? For example, what environmental, social, or economic, behavioral factors, etc. may be related to this outcome?

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