Wall Street investors

123 Winner’s Road

New Employee Town, PA 12345

March 16, 2001


Tony Darwin,

Box 200,

New York.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in response to your suggestion of being favorable to Wall Street and other investors. Before we consider this objective, it would be good to evaluate yourselves and identify whether this is a top priority to be considered. Some determinations should be done before starting to work towards attracting investors and Wall Street. For example, what is the state of the organization currently? For investors to be attracted to this organization, it should be ensured that no one is involved in any unprofessional, unethical or illegal doings. You have to improve on a few things before making yourselves known to Wall Street and investors.

There is a need to understand the concept of the three circles called the Hedgehog. They include: What one can do the best in the world; what propels one’s economic engine; and what one is most passionate about. As the CEO, you should ensure that all the employees are comfortable with their posts so that when working they give their best. Employees who are not comfortable with their job descriptions will give very little output because they grumble a lot and do less. Follow your passion because it is important to have one. If Wall Street is not one of them, then there is no need of forcing what is not applicable. For an organization to be successful and noticeable to the investors, the leader should be much disciplined, and make sure that all other members uphold this virtue.

Working with employees who are disciplined reduces a lot of supervision because they have a passion of their jobs. This gives the members freedom because they prove to be responsible. I would therefore urge you to evaluate the level of discipline that is among your employees before you lead people to inviting other investors and Wall Street, because you need your staff to be disciplined. Getting disciplined employees will assist you to achieve your objective of winning investors from Wall Street. This is because discipline is not all about actions but even in the way of thinking. Therefore, if you want them to think of how to attract major investors, then discipline is the key. The organization will also record a good trend of growth.

Budgeting is a basic thing to consider. Many people have a perception that this means to allocate funds accordingly to various activities or projects. This is not always the case because it could also mean it is deciding what should be allocated funds and what should be left out completely. Before considering inviting investors to the organization, it is best to embrace the latter meaning of budgeting. This saves money because unnecessary money consuming activities are eliminated. When investors study the organization’s books of accounts, they will be pleased with the way the finances are handled. If you would like to have constant good results, it will depend on how much discipline there is in you and your employees.

As the CEO of the organization, you would be wise to enlighten your employees to get rid of things that they do not require or need. This could be both at work and in their personal lives. The same way people make a list of the things they need to do, is the same way employees should make a list of things they are supposed to get rid of. This is most important to those things that do not concur within the Hedgehog concept. It means one does not require them. If you want the Wall Street and other investors to comment positively about the organization, then you must get rid of all things that are inconsistent with the three circles concept. Sir, winning Wall Street investors over to the organization demands a lot of preparation for the organization and not just inviting them over because they will not approve.



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