Was the 2003 invasion of Iraq a just war?Discuss

This is the guide from my department on how to write this essay.
“George W Bush still maintains that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a just conflict. It was argued that this was done to remove an evil dictator from power and to remove WMD. As such, it would appear that the conflict could be justified according to the terms of just war. But is this really the case? Answers should look at the justification of the Iraq invasion and ask if this fits in with the logic and arguments of just war theory. Ask yourself what the justifications for Iraq were (and whether they were accurate), and how this fits in with the criteria given for what a just war is. Be aware that people interpret what is just war differently – what do you think just war is?

The best answers will demonstrate a detailed understanding of just war theory. In particular, you should refer to actual theorists, such as Walzer (although you can use other theorists as well/instead if you want). You should also show that you have engaged with the primary theoretical works wherever possible, instead of relying only on secondary sources. This is not just about the Iraq War, but specifically about its relationship with just war theory – focus on this.”

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