What causes different calculations of Free Cash Flow definitions.

Title : The most value relevant definition of free cash flow


What is Free Cash Flow (describe it in the financial literacy and accounting literacy)

Importance of Free Cash Flow

Misuse of Free Cash Flow


What causes different calculations of Free Cash Flow definitions

Which FCF calculations(definition) is most associated with stock price changes

What this means for investors?

What it means for companies paying dividends.

How can this definition of Free cash flow help to measure the performance(stock price) of the company

Which method is best in predicting a firm’s performance (Free cash flow, earnings or Operating cash flow) (explain why?)


Our view on the definition of Free cash flow and its different uses

Recommendation for standardization of free cash flow

It should be 15 pages long and include 4-5 footnotes on each page.. The paper should consist mostly of copy and pasted phrases from the 2 journal writings and from the other papers that you get from the reference page of these 2 journal. Include in every footnotes (mla footnotes) This is the most important part as my professor insist that the paper be copy and pasted from several sources, AND SHOULD be footnoted.

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