What is the “U.S. Food Waste Challenge”?Explain

The paper should be approximately 2 to 4 pages and cover all aspects of the topic. It should develop the material that will be cover in your groups oral presentation plus any additional information that you feel is important. The paper must be turned no later than the date of your group presentation. Your paper should have in-text citations and a work cited page. Please use correct APA or MLA format. The Writing Center is available for help. Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source.

Paper should include the following information: The incidence of food waste at the local (PHILADELPHIA) and nation levels; what can we do as individuals, communities, and as a nation to reduce food waste include practical suggestions. What is the “U.S. Food Waste Challenge”? Include any other information you believe important and can educate the class on the problem of food waste. Your references should be current (with the last 5 years) and include a minimum of 2 internet sources. Some places to get started are: “Think.Eat.Save.org”; foodwastealliance.org; USDA and EPA

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