When attempting to reduce the health problems in a particular country what is the best approach?

country not using intervention method you are suggesting about the uk in cancer
section of a recommendation report
1 introduction
2 background << Specific to your country - highlight the health problems, focus on your problem. Say what the country is doing to resolve this problem and why it is not effective UK - cancer (smoking) tax on cigarettes / ban smoking indoors / adverts to raise awareness - have to say why are these not effective at reducing cancer from smoking in the UK? 3 Presentation of options - new methods that you could use in the UK - make sure its not used in the UK already. 3.1. Intervention method 1 3.2. Intervention method 2 4 4. Requirements cost why is it important your country thinks about cit when implementing new health initiatives 4.1. Cost 4.2. Effectiveness 5. Comparison of options 5.1. Cost 5.2. Effectiveness 6. Conclusion 7. Recommendation 8. References (on a new page)

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