Which species is most closely related to modern man, Homo sapiens?Explain.

1.The formation of organic molecules from atmospheric gases is thought to be the first step on the path to life. Organic molecules formed as a result of the activity of ________.

Heat, UV radiation, and electrical discharge

2.Oxygen increased in the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of ________.
aerobic metabolism
disintegration of the ozone layer
evaporation of the oceans

3.Which of the following would provide the strongest evidence for common ancestry?
Two species have similar adaptations
Two species possess nearly identical amino acid sequences in their key proteins.
Two species exist in the same geographical region

4.Which species is most closely related to modern man, Homo sapiens?
Homo habilis
Homo erectus

5.Which of the following have coexisted with modern Homo sapiens?
Homo floresiensis
both H. neanderthalensis and H. floresiensis
Homo neanderthalensis

6.The average person might see an opossum as more primitive than a cat. Explain why the terms “primitive” and “advanced” are not useful in relating species to one another. Hint: Think about what evolution by means of natural selection and what drives this process.

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