Why did Isabel Arnett make the business decision that she made?Explain

Isabel Arnett is CEO of Tamik, Inc., a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a vaccine called Lafluk, which supposedly provides some defense against bird flu. The company began marketing Kafluk through the Asia. After numerous media reports that bird flu may soon become a worldwide epidemic, the demand for Kafluk increased, sales soared, and Tamik earned record profits. Tamik’s CEO, Arnett, then began receiving disturbing reports from Southeast Asian that in some patients, Kafluk had caused psychiatric disturbances, including severe hallucinations, and heart and lung problems. Arnett was informed that six children in Japan had committed suicide by jumping out of windows after receiving the vaccine. To cover up the story and prevent negative publicity, Arnett instructed Tamik’s partners in Asia to offer cash to the Japanese families whose children had died in exchange for their silence. Arnett also refused to authorize additional research within the company to study the potential side effects of Kafluk.

Please answer the following questions:
1) why did Isabel Arnett make the business decision that she made?
2) If Kafluk prevented 50 Asian people who were infected with bird flu from dying, would that change the ethical consideration in this scenario? why or why not?

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