Within 500 words describe a problem that interests you and outline your approach to solving it. This problem can be social, political, economic, or anything else that impacts a significant number of people.

Take my first draft and clean it up.Draft #1:Children growing up without positive mentors is one of the biggest problems our country faces. According to a poll taken by Children’s Society, four out of five children do not have good role models. If that is not bad enough the research further clarifies children looking up to their fathers as a role model is no longer the case. Even worse, the research showed that children looking up to their fathers is no longer the case. Many schools in our inner cities have been dubbed dropout factories where less than 40% of children are accepted to college. Then to think today’s children will be tomorrow’s parents, leaders, and policy makers. Without positive role models influencing our children where will our country be in the next 25 or 50 years? Therefore, to reverse the trend individuals have to step up to create mentor-ship programs for children.The solution is create an environment where children have access to positive role models. Imagine a leadership school in every major city where children can go and have access to some of America’s top talent. General Norman Schwarzkopf said it only takes two things to be a great leader: character and competence. Therefore, in addition to essential K-12 curriculum, this school would have a strong focus on leadership and character development. Far too many programs solely focus on “troubled teens”, while I believe Geoffrey Canada’s, CEO of Harlem Children’s Zone approach is far superior. By providing mentorship to children before they become “troubled teens”, his team has increased the college acceptance rate among Harlem’s disadvantaged students from less than 30% to 95%.My strategy will be to first have a significant impact in a small area then incrementally spread vs. trying to have an impact throughout United States at the beginning. Specifically, my game-plan is to first of all, become successful enough to be in a position to fund a leadership program. Secondly, build a team or allocate capitol to programs similar to Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone. Lastly, once successful on a small scale incrementally grow to having an impact nationally, then on a global scale.In conclusion, I believe the best way to impact the future is to invest in children. Creating or investing in an empowered youth program geared toward underprivileged children starting K-12 will accomplish this. I believe the old saying “prevention is much better than a cure.” I grew up poor and would not have made it where I am without mentors who impacted me at an early age. Therefore, my charitable focus will be on having a positive impact on the decisions children make.

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