write an engaging, thought-provoking persuasive opinion piece.

Your operational goal is, of course, to write an engaging, thought-provoking persuasive opinion piece. This piece will construct an erudite and cogent argument while also trading on the ethos and name of the byliner, and is so compelling that the Journal is inclined to run it.
Your mission goal is to increase the knowledge and positively affect the attitudes and behaviors of the Journals readers vis–vis the topic of the state of writing and writing education in the United States.
b. Your op-ed should discuss this initiative within a context of we cant leave writing education behind in Americas quest to excel in math and science education.
c. You want to respond to (or springboard from) the Mullich piece to make your point that writing education deserves attention as well.
3. Think about the kinds of appeals or persuasive strategies youll employ.
4. Think about what you want the op-ed to accomplish:
a. Persuade readers that the state of writing and writing education in America is worthy of attention.
b. Get readers (think about who reads the Journal) to consider pledging to the initiative without overtly asking them to do so.
c. Remember, U.S. businesses lose nearly $3 billion annually due to poor workplace writing (see National Commission on Writing, 2004, found in the Week 1 course folder). This is a large amount of money, but ask yourself if it is big bucks within the context of the overall U.S. economy. Context is important.

I will upload LOTS OF information to draw from

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