Write an essay about Donatello.

Criteria: Each student will select his/her artist, and the requirements for this assignment are:  student will research their selected artist  write a 3-5 page research paper about the artist and their works of art  written assignment must be submitted online in the Turn It In drop box  Paper must include no fewer than 3 works of art from the selected artist  All works of art should include the artist’s name, title, medium, dimensions, & year  Typed work cited page  Your paper must answer all questions listed below Questions/Topics: 1.) What drew you to the works of this particular artist? 2.) Artist’s biographical information (location, education, experience, artistic influences, cultural influences, etc…) 3.) Which media, application(s) and themes/concepts does the artist continually revisit? (Give specific examples) 4.) Describe the artist’s style. 5.) Trace the development of that style to its current state. (Give examples) 6.) To which art movement does the artist and his/her work belong? 7.) How does the artist structure his/her studio practice? 8.) What has the public reception been to the artist’s work? 9.) What has the art community’s reception been to the artist’s work? (Highlight any relevant art criticism, reviews of exhibitions, essays, articles, etc…) 10.)Did your opinion of the artist and/or their work change over the course of your research

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