Written Assignment – Week 5

1. Identify and define the mental processes that account for mistakes in identifying strangers. Also identify the circumstances that affect the accuracy of perceptions in identifying strangers.

2. Why are photo identifications the most unreliable eyewitness identification procedure?

3. Identify and explain the rationales behind the three justifications for the exclusionary rule. Which justification does the U.S. Supreme Court use today?

4. List and explain five exceptions to the exclusionary rule.

5. Identify the difference between the subjective and objective tests of entrapment. Identify two elements in the subjective test of entrapment and the two kinds of circumstances the government can use to prove defendants’ predisposition to commit crimes.

6. Is there a constitutional right to the exclusionary rule and the defense of entrapment? Explain your answer.

7. Identify the two elements of the qualified immunity defense, and explain why the test is so easy for officers to pass.

8. Identify and describe the differences between two kinds of state civil lawsuits against individual state officers.

9. Can you sue a judge for damage? A prosecutor? Explain.

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