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Management 580Take-home Assignment . Please make sure you complete ALL aspects of a question. You can use sources in addition to your text and these must be appropriately cited in APA format for source citation. If you are unfamiliar with APA format please research this. It is not necessary, however, to use more than your text as I am looking for insightful responses. All answers must give specific examples to support the response in order to be eligible for full credit. Pleases example should be explained very well.1. Define the three roles of Human Resources. Why is it important for HR management to evolve beyond the administrative and operational roles to the strategic role? Give examples of organizations or even at a department level where management is at one level predominately?2. If an employer asked you to review an employment decision to determine if discrimination had occurred, what factors would you consider, and how would you evaluate them? The discrimination must be covered under a law so you will need to make assumptions as to the type of employment decision and type of discrimination (citing the law) that you are looking at in order to answer this question.3. Discuss why it is important to identify turnover costs-be specific and strategic in your response. You also need to give a specific example.4. What is meant by job satisfaction? What are the advantages of a satisfied workforce? How would you measure if your staff is satisfied? Answer the question and also include a specific example where you either saw or didn’t see job satisfaction.5. Why is Human Resources record keeping important? What type of records are kept (both by law and for other reasons)? What could be the possible outcome for an organization that kept incomplete employee records? Be specific as to how you could see an outcome for this as it might pertain to you as a potential departmental manager.Extra CreditDiscuss the following statement: “In many ways, all managers are and must be HR managers-agree or disagree and why.” You will need to define management to fully integrate this question into a meaningful response. A specific example is also needed.this is the book linkhttp://hubhoob.com/Books/nu_ltst/free_download_BBA/Human_Resource_Management.pdf

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