Action and Embodiment within Situated Human Interaction

Action and Embodiment within Situated Human Interaction

Social action is constructed and understood through talk. Every action must be in agreement with the spoken language and the structure of the surrounding environment. This article tries to analyze the relation between the action, cognition and the details of language. This is done through observing how participants get to carry out different activities by communicating through talking while concentrating on the larger activities of the phenomena surrounding them.

The data is collected from video recordings of young girls playing hopscotch and archeologists classifying color. Human action is created from interactions of different semiotic recourses. In order for a social action to be complete, both the subject who is performing the action and others who are present must be able to discern the shape and character of what is occurring. Otherwise, the intended action cannot be termed as complete.

Munsell chart and the hopscotch grid do not create specific actions; they do however play a role in the hybrid systems, which is crucial to the process through which the actions are accomplished for example how an archeologists perceives and classifies dirt. The lack of these frameworks prevents an action to be fully executed. If there are no hopscotch grid lines, then a body jumping around cannot be termed as playing hopscotch. This is because the participant and the co-participants cannot judge on any irregularities committed. The action is deprived off the visible semiotic resources.

There exists continuity between vernacular and institutional interaction due to the flexibility, which exists through the way in which several kinds of semiotic fields are juxtaposed to each other. In both instances, the actions being performed originated from a set of multiple of semiotic structures and are incorporated to perform the action.

Discussion Question

Is there any relation between the action, cognition and the details of language in humans?

Working with Brain Scans

Neuroscientists gain more knowledge of the brain by the use of digital images. The digital images are obtained through functional magnetic resonance imaging practice, which are viewed from computer screens. This article analyses practical dealings with brain scans in order to appreciate the ability to view images in digital format. The magnetic resonance imaging produces detailed images of anatomical body parts that cannot be naturally viewed by the naked eye. It incorporates the use of radiofrequency and magnetic waves to produce images that are processed by a computer and viewed on a screen.

This is made possible by the existence of varying local environments of water molecules in the anatomical structure of the body. During the scan, the signals are not images but numeric data. The computer processes the signals and converts them into images. This article is concerned with these visual representations of what is not visual. At the laboratories, human visual perception is studied through functional magnetic resonance imaging. The main idea was to localize visual processes in detailed brain regions, and determine how visual stimuli are processed there. The perception of brain images involves the coordination of scientists and digital technology in the field of functional magnetic resonance imaging.

The PI’ gave embodied accounts of shearing, which were transient inscriptions that were transmitted and viewed on the computer screen in order to make the images visible. In addition to this, they indicate to the PD on how to spot the image artifact. These acts of perception discover a border between the virtual and the physical, the digital and the real world together with the abstract and concrete. Digital images are mot relative to a point of view located in space. Research in computer-human interaction points out that products of scientific visualization are a great recourse for the specialists. This is because they enable them to handle abstract data.

Discussion Question

How do we view images in digital format?

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