Personal Experience with Mathematics

Personal Experience with Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of amount, formation of various things, phenomena, space and how they change. This subject is the most important and basic in the school curriculum. All other subjects are dependent on Math. In my high school, the administration was very keen on how students perform in Mathematics. The school had a project that helped students to improve on Mathematics and related sciences. There has been an old wife’s tail that boys perform better in this subject than girls. This is not true because all students in a particular school have equal chances of learning and performing excellently.

There are different Mathematics’ courses done in high school. They include pure Mathematics, applied Mathematics and science related subjects like Physics, Chemistry. Pure Mathematics is the basic parts of learning this subject. It includes learning how to operate with the natural numbers or integers. Nothing else is included in this part of the course; it is purely operation on numbers. The other course is applied Mathematics. After the students have learned how to carryout various operations on the natural numbers, then they proceed on how to apply that knowledge. Application of Mathematics is in so many activities that we carry out daily. For example in business, all the calculations done are definitely Mathematics.

Other instances of how Mathematics is applied are in social sciences like Geography and Sociology. These two subjects deal largely with analyzing population or demography. This analysis is mostly presented using figures called statistics. Research has also borrowed a lot from Mathematics. Methodologies like survey and descriptive use statistics to analyze and present the data collected. The outcome of these statistics is what assists the researcher to make a sound conclusion of the study. The basics of Mathematics are also used in a computer to perform tasks. For example, I do calculations when processing data.

Mathematics is an exciting subject, which teaches students and all people how to work with numbers. One just needs to know how to manipulate the figures and get the required outcome. Solving Math problems is interesting because it trains an individual on how to tackle general problems experienced daily. It also makes it easy to do simple calculations in a quick way. It is unimaginable how hard life would be if this subject would not be existing. It has proved to be one of the basics of life. For a person to live comfortably, he or she must learn this subject. That is why it is a compulsory course or subject from elementary up to High school.

Since elementary school, Mathematics has been an interesting subject. This made me to be keen and eventually led to good performance. Initially, I had trouble understanding concepts in this subject. After the helping project was started, I improved and became a performer in Mathematics. Therefore, I performed excellently throughout the years in school. Performing well in Mathematics made me to be excellent in all other subjects, which were related to Mathematics. Perfection in the basics creates good foundation for further learning.

The areas that I found challenging are those in the Applied part of Mathematics. For example, determining the probability of different phenomena. I found it difficult to interpret a situation correctly, when solving the problems. This made me fail to get the correct answer. The part that proved easy and comfortable is learning the basics of pure Mathematics. It is easy and enjoyable to solve the simple calculations. Learning about the nature and characteristics of numbers is also exciting. I agree that Mathematics is a fundamental part of life. Learning Mathematics should not only be viewed as a requirement to a good career but also as a basic need.


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