Analyzing the Annual Report

I attched everyting make sure follow all the instruction. What is my professor asking. I have to pick one company whhich is expain annual report. I would like to pick these comapny McDonald, Walmart and Walgreen. You can pick which one has all the inforamtion. Also there is attachment lot of other company front of that link for the annual report.Also, read ten things to remeber when writing an annual report.2. CHOOSING THE RIGHT FORTUNE 500 COMPANY’S ANNUAL REPORT:
Choose a Fortune 500 company for whom you can find a full, rich report that includes lots of the following:

o E.g., Photos, colorful charts, graphic representation of data, formatting that chunks information (like section headers or bullets)

o E.g., Descriptive, powerful wording used to affect the reader (these can describe the business, the products/services, the people who work for this company, etc.)

• Mixed Visual/Verbal/Aural TECHNIQUES/STRATEGIES
o E.g., Videos—which may use powerful visuals, descriptive language (heard or written on screen), and even music (an aural strategy) that affects the person viewing the video

WARNING: If you choose an Annual Report with only a letter to shareholders or which is just the company’s SEC 10K financial reporting, your analysis and your grade will suffer.

Analyze the Annual Report of a single Fortune 500 company of your choice, asserting and giving evidence of the most powerful visual, verbal (and, if relevant, aural) techniques/strategies the document uses to target its intended audience.

Write a structured essay that has the following:

1. ASSERTIVE THESIS: A strong thesis must assert what you are going to argue in your paper—i.e., your three main claims about the most powerful, influential, and persuasive strategies in your chosen Annual Report.
2. “TOPIC SENTENCE-DRIVEN” PARAGRAPHS: Body paragraphs must each have a strong topic sentence that asserts one thesis claim.
3. UNIFIED PARAGRAPHS: All body paragraphs must use only evidence that supports the topic sentence claim—no topic drift.
4. PARAGRAPHS THAT USE DETAILS/DATA/SPECIFICS as evidence to support topic sentence claim.
5. CONCLUSION that ECHOES & ELABORATES: Conclude by echoing your thesis (briefly summarizing the visual and verbal strategies you found in the Annual Report) and then explain briefly what specific communication strategies in this report you found most effective and powerful.

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