You are a policy advisor at the (federal) Department of Homeland Security. Your task is to draft a new policy (or alter a pre-existing one) to address an urgent problem or crisis. You may choose to work anywhere in the Department and may choose to address any policy area covered in class. Refer to the sample policy areas for ideas.

——>>> Announce the creation of the policy via press release, news report (video or audio) or newspaper article. Be sure to include any feedback received from your TA or myself. If your announcement is audio/visual, it should not exceed 3 ½ minutes. For part 2 samples, check Blackboard. Among the other factors outlined above, you will be judged also on the professionalism and creativity of your announcement. Some or all presentations may be displayed or distributed in class. WORD LIMIT 800 WS WORD

Grading Criteria
Your group will be graded on:
– The effectiveness and creativity of your reconstructed policy at addressing the problem it was drafted to solve.
– The resiliency of your reconstructed policy in the face of current political pressure, public opinion and scarce resources.
– The quality of your writing, including citations.
– Logical flow, organization and consistency of your ideas and content.

I’m attaching the previous paper, so you can use it for my paper .. it’s a completion and you should read professor’s comment and to use his comment and elaborates what he wants for my paper. Please read the previous paper to complete the next step, which is announce policy. you can use the SAME sources are in the paper i’m sending you.

Policy: Review and reconstruction of the Terrorist Screening Center’s (TSC) “No-Fly list.”

I will attach the sample of Announce Policy paper so you can an idea.



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