Art Hstory

Words: 130
Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Choose a general subject to research—such as Installation Art, European art in the aftermath of WWII, Russian art styles at the end of the Cold War. An ideal choice would be an issue pertaining to one of the artists or movements referred to during this course, “Art since 1945”,  but it does not have to be. The main criterion is that it falls within the latter half of the 20th century. It should be a subject that you find interesting, that you feel motivated to research. In practical terms, it should be something that has been sufficiently documented and which, therefore, you can provide historical background to and some critical thinking about.


The content of this paper should proceed from a paragraph introduction. Rather like an abstract, this should summarize this paper and its structure. The paper should then proceed through the path laid out in your introduction. This path should end in a conclusion that tells the reader what you feel you have tried to show in your essay. You can also include omissions or problems here. Art history is a complex subject and no matter how much research you do, such things as the true intention of the artist or the discovery of a coherent meaning for a work might still elude you.

The format of the paper should be as follows:

  • font style: any style, provided it is clearly legible
  • font size: 12 point
  • line spacing: double
  • page numbers: header, aligned right
  • title


Provide properly formatted citations in footnotes and bibliography. Your final paper must include six to eight sources cited in your text and listed in your bibliography. Provide all of the supporting images with figure numbers and full captions after the body of your paper. The pages containing your supporting images are in addition to, and not a part of, the six to eight pages of your paper.

All captions and citations must conform to the Chicago/Turabian style rules.