Research Paper, Other

Write two five page-research papers (each will be rewritten twice) on some aspect of race, ethnicity, gender, class,
and education as studied in course discussions. Papers must be brought in for in-class peer-review, then submitted
the week later, turned in on the day of class listed in the course schedule. After addressing the subject of your study,
the paper should describe the subjects historical and cultural antecedents. Also, describe the breadth of your subject
by addressing these questions:
a) What types of settings does this occur?
b) How long has this been happening?
c) Where does this occur geographically?
d) Is this a regional, national, or international phenomenon?
e) What groups are involved in this occurrence?
f) What types of various meanings do representations of race carry?
g) How race in popular culture influence perceptions of blackness, (or whiteness), color, sexuality, gender,
class, health?
Does their media representation succeed or fail? How have they been read differently from what may have been their
intent? If possible, include pictures or other media that might be pertinent (keep in mind that pictures should be at the
end of your paper as appendices and they will not be counted as part of your page requirement). Follow the
guidelines listed in the Writing Tips handout you will receive in class. Please use at least five text sources (although
you may use them, internet sources will not be counted). Remember, your research paper is worth 30% of your
course grade, so be thorough!

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