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requirement for the essay.Considering Lorraine Hanesberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, define the lesson that comes from Karl Lindner’s characters.1) Make the case for appalling Karl Lindner,arguing from his point of view.2) Define the role society plays and what makes the characters act as they do.3)Keep in mind that Lindner is the only white person appearing on this stage and through he tries to be civil and courteous, we naturally do not like him. your goal is to think of his position and the late 1950\’s, early 1960\’s time period. His mindset is influenced by his society, the culture at the time. Though you likely find him abhorrent, become him. Take his side. Explain his motivation, his interests, his personality,everything you can imagine about him, given his role and the 1960\’s he represents. This effort naturally requires a look at the 50s-60s-what examples in the history help to explain his character\’s racism and the general socioeconomic limitations that are being placed on his family. Make your reader understand his case.4) Need to use quotes to support your claims and there must be evidence for the assumption you draw from the play.5) Be sure to use MLA form: 1.Lead in to the support 2. give the support […]\”\’ (Hansberry ACT II scene i);3. explain the support.6) perhaps your\’ll have Karl(you) describe- the problem, the plan, the justification, the encounter- to the board members, his buddy at the local soda fountain, his mother, wife, children. Get personal.7) Deliver story details in present tense!8)Trying to understand his character by arguing from his perspective, stepping outside of your personal comfort and reason.

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