“Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Diaz

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This is not a traditional paper assignment. I want you to write a 3-5 page short story that builds on one of the novels we have read this quarter. In other words, I want you take one character who’s still alive at the end of one of the novels and write a brand new story that builds that character and takes him/her in a new direction. This is an opportunity for you to be creative, but you need to follow the guidelines below. Failure to follow any of these guidelines will prevent you from receiving an “A” and failure to follow more than one of these guidelines will take you below a “B” and possibly below a “C.”


  1. Your short story must reflect, in some way, major things we discussed about the novel you choose to build upon. In other words, I want your short story to show that you read the original novel and listened to our class discussion. It is up to you how you accomplish this. One way is to have your story refer to particular moments or events in the novel.
  2. Your story should develop a character but not change it completely; in other words, you want your short story to remain somewhat faithful to the novel (for example, it wouldn’t make sense to write a story in which Dellarobia goes around telling people to pollute the earth).
  3. Your story should unfold in a logical and clear way; it shouldn’t be hard for me to follow or understand.
  4. Your story should be free of errors in syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Absolutely no typos are allowed! Be sure to edit your work before submitting it. Consider taking it to the writing center or sharing it with a friend or classmate.
  5. Be creative! Use this as an opportunity to take a character you liked—or disliked!—and take him/her in imaginative directions.


I chose the book “Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Diaz for creative writing

you can pick any character who is still alive at the end of novel. here is the link which you can get infomation about this novel