Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries


Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries

The America Hotel & lodging Association

The America Hotel & lodging Association (AH&LA) is an education institute with a superb reputation of delivering quality services on hospitality training and education. Since its establishment in 1953, the AH&LA has expanded its services in training mission. The institute has equipped many people with adequate knowledge on hospitality via videos, seminar, textbooks, courses, study guides, CD-ROMs, and internet (American Hotel &Lodging Association, 2014). Through technology, the institute has attracted many people across the globe. In essence, there are various types of management careers offered in this industry. This institute unites employees with many job seekers in all skill and specialties. The institute has laid a strong platform for the management to advance their studies and get better carriers in the hospitality field. The institute has worked hard to recognize and honor lodging employees that best symbolize quality services in the industry. Additionally, the institute empowers students with adequate knowledge they require to be competitive in the hospitality field. There are many hotel jobs for students. This attracts many students into this institution in that, many believe that the course is worth studying.

The General Management (GM) of AH&LA is concerned with the management of the institute as a whole. The unit works hard to promote effective leadership in the organization. Additionally, the general management ensures that the institute is achieving its set goals and objectives within the timeframe set. In essence, the management activities include supervising, recruiting, and developing an effective and competitive team. The GM is also concerned with planning, delegating work, and implementing projects effectively. Other duties include controlling, allocating finances, dealing, and solving complaints.

The institute has revealed a tremendous growth in the employment. Specifically, the organization has had an outstanding legacy of employing over I million hotel workers in the world. AH&LA has also demonstrated excellent professionalism in the hospitality industry by participating in the economic and community development. For the past years, the institute has created job opportunities for its students. As a result, most students have flourished in their careers and personal lives. The organization offers many benefits to its employees such as promotion, which in turn increases morale in the workplace. In 2014, AH&LA expects to increase its employment growth by 4.5%. The institute will employ over 800,000 employees this year, and create additional 140,000 job opportunities in the next decade (Ninemeier, 2005). The institute takes great pride in expanding its workforce, which in turn increases the economic growth in the nation. AH&LA main goal is to create more job opportunities in the hospitality industry. In turn, this will attract many students to pursue the course.

To achieve its predicted growth, the organization should embrace some human resource practices to augment recruiting success. The management team should develop performance profiles for every job description. The focus of developing profiles would be define what the job will entail, the needs that should be accomplished by the person in that position, and adequately define the job expectations. Secondly, the organization should embrace the assessment and section strategy in the recruitment process to select the best and competent candidates. This strategy would create a strong path for the organization to achieve its set goals and objectives within a given timeframe. Typically, competent employees would enhance the intended and predicted growth in the organization since they have adequate skills to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Thirdly, the HR team should embrace centralized sourcing to improve their recruitment process. Through this, the organization would have a chance to lookout for new and best talents in the field.

The National Restaurant Association (NRA)

For the past decades, the NRA has had a splendid reputation of being the largest foodservice associate in the global world. The association has been on the lead in supporting over 500, 000 restaurants in the world. NRA promotes and advocates for exceptional food services and thus, works hard to improve the industry interests and policies. The organization provides adequate systems and tools to its members and in turn, this improves their career and personal lives. The association has over 1000 staffs working to empower all restaurants operators and owners (National Restaurant Association, 2013). NRA purpose is to enhance a remarkable growth in the hotel industry. The association strives to answer the tough questions facing the hotel industry. The NRA believes that there is a strength and success when members unite in numbers. With this, the association partners with other associations to impact the hotel industry. The association has a great passion in serving and improving the hospitality industry. NRA’s vision is to enhance quality life in the hospitality industry. The association has worked hard to build its customer loyalty, financial success, and rewarding careers (Stutts & Wortman, 2006).

The NRA empowers restaurant operators and owners to achieve their intended growth. The association offers its members an opportunity to start and grow in their career. Additionally, NRA offers a comprehensive benefit package to its employees such as healthcare, leave time, professional development program, and a generous vacation. Additionally, the association periodically recruits competent candidates in their staff positions. Also, the association has developed the best talent into the foodservice and restaurant industry. The NRA offers many resources to its foodservice and restaurant employees to grow financially and advance in their careers.  NRA also offers curriculum and professional development to students.

The general management of NRA focuses on improving growth. The NRA is governed by the board of directors who represents every facet in the restaurant industry. The general management of the association has played a significant role in identifying the areas of growth and opportunities in the restaurant industry. Still, the management team has worked hard to ensure that NRA achieves its set goals and objectives.  The GM has also promoted the industry by helping a number of individual operators and multi-unit companies to succeed. Additionally, the GM developed a solid and strong workforce in the hospitality industry. The general management of this association has played a significant role in improving restaurant careers. Specifically, the management team has provided restaurant owners, employees, and operators adequate training and education to enhance career development.

Millions of people in the world have found engaging careers in this association. The association is rank the second-largest sector that provides job opportunities in the United States. On the average, the association recruits over 13 million people in the United State. The number is expected to increase in the next decade. The company predicts it will increase its employment rate to 10% in the next decade. By 2023, the association projects to add 1.3million jobs, which in turn will increase economic growth. Typically, the association aims to embrace every strategy to increase career development. The NRA seeks to help many foodservices and restaurants in the world to flourish professionally and grow in their careers.



There are a number of human resources practices that this association could embrace to better recruit management talent for their respected industry. To fully understand these strategies, it is crucial to understand the challenges and issues confronting this industry. Labor shortage is a core challenge affecting the hospitality and hotel industry. With this, it becomes a challenge to retain and attract qualified and competent workers. As labor shortage becomes a global challenge, it becomes crucial for this association to embrace better recruitment strategies to retain and attract competent employees. The association should provide favorable benefits to its employees, which in turn would help in retaining competent employees.

Characteristically, the organization should embrace the best practices in planning, interviewing, and selecting the best candidates for the job position. With this, the association would identify the most versatile and smartest employees in the industry. The problem of attracting and retaining a strong and qualified workforce is becoming a global challenge. With this, the association should adequately embrace ways to increase workers’ satisfaction and their reputation in the industry. Lastly, the association should motivate and reward the best employees. This would retain a strong and competent management team. This strategy would be applicable in the recruitment process. The organization could highlight some of the benefits it offers to its employees. This would attract many candidates to participate in interview and selection process (Reynolds, 2004).


The two organizations have enhanced growth in the hotel and hospitality industry. The two associations have impacted many people with knowledge through videos, seminar, textbooks, courses, study guides, CD-ROMs, and internet. Both associations create job opportunities for many people in the world. The two organizations have played a crucial role in providing career opportunities for its members and students enrolling in the food service and lodging industries.  Labor shortage is a core issue affecting the two organizations. With this, these organizations are embracing the best human resource practices to retain and attract competent employees in the industry. The General Management positions within the two industries focuses on enhancing growth and increasing work performance. Additional, the GM in the two organizations provides a clear direction in leadership.  Lastly, the two industries forecast an overall growth in the employment within the next decade. The two organizations would function effectively if they were to implement the best human resource practices to retain management talents in their respected industry (Baldwin, Shakman & Turenne, 2012).


The America Hotel & lodging Association (AH&LA) is an education institute offering hospitality training and education. However, National Restaurant Association is a foodservice association providing its services across the world. While AH&LA is a lodging industry the NRA is a food service industry.  While the AH&LA offers career opportunities in the lodging and hospitality industry, the NRA offers opportunities in the hotel and hospitality industry.

To sum up, the hospitality field is a growing field with a lot of job opportunities. The field is responsible for offering services in restaurants, lodging, and vacation activities. There are many routes that students can take after pursuing a course in the lodging industry. Lodging industry provides housekeeping services, guests services, and human resource management. People working in the two industries can expect to grow in their career because of the predicted growth in the AH&LA and NRA.



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