Choose from topic located in Instructions

Instruction & Requirements:
Make sure you do not use any outside sources or research for this essay.

Essay #3: Illustration (1000 words)

Please choose from ONE of the following prompts:

1. In Rambos of the Road, Martin Gottfried explains the concept of auto macho, also known as road rage, using examples from his own experience. Explain another concept

peer pressureusing examples from your experience. Narrow this topic by writing on a specific kind of peer pressure, and illustrate it by using examples (i.e. peer pressure placed on women to be thin, peer pressure placed on boys to be macho, and so forth). Do not write about peer pressure in general or about the causes and effects of peer pressure.

2. In Rambos of the Road, Martin Gottfried illustrates public selfishness and self-interest by discussing one place that he has noticed a lack of civility: highway driving. Choose a public setting or forum in which selfish behavior and a lack of civility are evident to you, and write an essay illustrating that behavior.

3. In his essay, Black Men in Public Space, Brent Staples illustrates how he has the ability to alter public space as he walks alone at night (160). Ultimately, because of his race, people (particularly women) keep their distance from him, fearing that he is or might be a threat simply because he is black. Write an essay in which you identify a specific way that you or someone you know has altered public space in some way, and illustrate how this has happened with specific examples. (You could think of a person with disabilities, a person who is famous, a person with body odor or a deformity, a person labeled as a nerd, or a person of a certain ethnicity such as an Arab). Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you pick one main way that the public reacts to these people and are illustrating that way with various examples just as Brent Staples does.

4. Write an essay illustrating a current American obsession such as Americans obsession with cars, with physical appearance, with money or affluence, with TV, competition, popularity, and so forth, supporting your claim with specific examples from your own experience and observations. You could also pick a specific person you know who is obsessed with one of these things, and illustrate their behavior with detailed examples.

5. At one time or another, we have all faced problems with a difficult boss, a difficult parent, or some other authority figure. Write an essay that uses examples to illustrate why and how this authority figure was (or is) so difficult to deal with.

Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and examples to back up the topic sentence, and each must relate back to the thesis stated in the first paragraph. Each paragraph must also have 4-5 transitions. NO outside sources or research are allowed for this essay. This essay must be written as an Illustration essay structure. Above are the choices of topic to choose from for this Illustration essay and is due by noon on Sunday night (10/16/2016).

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