Milgram Experiment

1. a. What is your reaction to the Milgram experiment? Should the experiment have been conducted – why or why not? b. What are the larger implications of this experiment in terms of morality, politics, history, society, etc.?

2. Using your knowledge of yourself and concepts from the book and readings/videos, Analyze how you think you would have responded to the both the following authority experiments (Milgram) and the conformity experiments (Asch). Would you have conformed/listened to authority? Why or why not? Make sure to reference the article on personality traits and conformity (and list at least one trait) to support your point.

3. Conduct a mini conformity experiment – break a small social rule and see how people respond. Examples: stand backwards in the elevator, look up at the sky, sit right next to someone in the library when its pretty empty, etc. Do not do anything illegal or unethical! Report what you did and how people responded.

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