Comparison between Google and Yahoo

Comparison between Google and Yahoo


The guidelines and applications of internet usage have existed for nearly two decades. However, the principles of internet use were launched in 1991 (Duthel, 2008). These principles of applications and guidelines were launched in 1991 at the CERN-European center for Nuclear. Today, the penetration of internet operations and its usage cover about 22% of the world with the web content amounting to more than 988 Exabyte in the year 2010. Ideally, the amount of data can possibly cover the whole of Europe’s surface equivalent of 2m DVD conferring to search engines and data organizations system. Both Google and Yahoo’s data organizations have been critical in growth and development of the new communication systems (Duthel, 2008). These two platforms have provided the most and up-to-date search engine systems which are relevant in today’s technologies. The 2004 Yahoo and Google comparative analysis in terms of shareholders’ funds and liabilities indicated that the former had $7.1M while the latter only had $2.9M. However, the situation became completely the opposite between 2004 and 2007 when Yahoo’s shareholder funds and liabilities jumped to $9.5M compared to Google’s $22M. On the other hand, the two companies’ incomes rose to $6.97M and $16.594M for Yahoo and Google respectively. Ideally, the two companies’ benefits followed the same routes and remained steady (Gunn, 2005). The two giant search companies are represented by the Google and Yahoo URL for Google and Yahoo respectively. These two companies are distinct and provide various customer services thereby making them significantly different as far as customer satisfaction is concerned and depending on one’s desires and needs. However, Google provides direct and simpler search engine services which are ideal for upcoming entrepreneurs while Yahoo’s search engine is complex and ideal for detailed products and expert users.

Design and Interactivity

Overall, the two companies have different customer oriented portal systems. The Google’s search portal contains simple and easily accessible services including, but not limited to settings, about Google, business, advertising, and privacy and terms (Duthel, 2008). In addition, Google’s portal contains perch and sign up and/or log in portals. On the other hand, Yahoo’s portal account is quite complex and provides complicated portals enhancing the customers’ relational services. For instance, Yahoo’s portal page contains home, sports, news, finance, weather, games, and answers. There are also movies, shine, celebrity information, music, health, and travel among others (Gunn, 2005). Therefore, Google and Yahoo provide virtually similar products and services using different strategies. Google’s portals are simple and load search information with ease and efficiency. Google is known to concentrate most on simple value additions, strategic thoughtful ideas with minimal presentations. On the other hand, Yahoo’s search engines have complex designs with slowly loading pages. The Yahoo’s search engine is thus referred to as flamboyant with elaborate and heavily ornamental portals. The two internet domains set out unique search engines (Gunn, 2005). The creation of domains from either company is chargeable at $10 for the starting rate. However, distinctive features and services available from the two companies would definitely prompt clients in making preference. The domain name of both Google and Yahoo come in two parts comprising of the name and extension, for example The extension part of the domain (com, net, biz etc) depends on the type of engagement the client would be undertaking; this can be nay engagement such as business, advertisements, and web hosting among others.

However, the client would still require web hosting services of the preferred company after creating the domain. Consequently, there would be a need to purchase web hosting space so that the domain/website becomes live on the internet (Duthel, 2008). The two companies both provide web hosting services. The Yahoo search engine offers a range of web hosting plans with various levels of services chargeable at $3 to $6 monthly as at July 2013. However, Google offers free web hosting services to its clients thus making to be preferred by the majority. Building the Google domain is quite easy and slightly different compared Yahoo because Google offers free web hosting. For instance, Google conducts promotion to businesses as well as associations merely through fundamental means that a business can use to share photos, news and videos with customers (Gunn, 2005). On the other hand, Yahoo’s tool features are designed with focus on helping online business set up and engaging customers through various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter among others. In addition, Yahoo search engine clients can share videos, photos, and news. Purchasing domain together with the web hosting service from either Google or Yahoo companies qualifies one to set up one or more email addresses linked to the domain. However, one must first register for the Google Apps for business which is payable at a monthly rate of $5 as at July 2013. Every Google App store for business user gets one email address with the authority to access all the Google’s apps for business tolls like Hangouts, Calendars, and Google Drives which are available for a customer who has subscribed (Duthel, 2008). On the other hand, Yahoo offers up to 250, 500 or 1, 000 email addresses with a monthly web hosting plan charges ranging from $2.50, $4 or $6 respectively as at July 2013.

Clarity & Help Available

Ideally, both Google and Yahoo have created advertising channels targeting millions of subscribers using search engines and their respective partners. The surfers can use Yahoo and Google Adwords as platforms for making advertisements and creating search engine marketing (Gunn, 2005). Both Google and Yahoo platforms share a common goal; that is, offering solutions and reaching out to their customers despite having different business platforms. The Yahoo advertising solutions and Goggle Ad words offer similar text ads to their customers who are looking for the service. The text ads can be placed above the pages that offer the search results and often available at the right sidebar for the Yahoo or Google’s search result pages. The ads typically include the company’s name, the products, or services which are relevant to the search result page. In addition, the Google Adwords offer various multimedia ad format options including the clickable image ads, product listings, videos, and television ads among others (Duthel, 2008). Typically, the image related ads are static and clickable graphics. The Video ads offer a short clip highlighting the video content after the ads or standalone ad in the sidebar. Product listing ads usually consists of the thumbnail image that contains the product information as well as the price. However, these ads differentiate Google from Yahoo because they can only used in sites which are compatible to or allows the Google Ad Words.

On the other hand, Yahoo Advertising Solutions give banner ads, which can either be a stationary image in the form of text or graphic and a video ads.  Therefore, Yahoo Smart Ads offer more interactive elements thus giving appealing solutions to the esteemed customers compared to Google multimedia ads (Gunn, 2005). Alternatively, Yahoo and Google search companies follow certain bidding structure relating to text and multimedia ads. Each company basically chooses the preferred keywords and search terms based on their needs and desires. The Ad rankings are based on which companies have the maximum bids and budgets. However, there are fewer open slots available for Smart Ads or other multimedia ads. This is because their cost and placement options vary depending on the website’s competitiveness and position slot (Duthel, 2008). The esteemed companies which want custom advertising campaign solutions with either Yahoo or Google are obliged to the company’s respective assistances including management and creation solutions among other ads.

Conclusion & Evaluation

Overall, the Yahoo and Google companies each have affiliates and partners that can be beneficial when making ads. Both Yahoo and Google’s ad networks have websites, mobile platforms for tablets and Smartphone, but their partnerships and affiliates are vastly different (Gunn, 2005). Yahoo provides companies with bids for replacing ads affiliated to finances, movies, sports, music, and TV among others. In addition, Yahoo has partnered with Microsoft thereby giving ads the relevant ground on cross-platforms rich on Bing and MSN. On the other hand, Google portrays ads across its own search platforms, including, Google Maps, Google Shopping, and Google Images among others (Duthel, 2008). Therefore, many companies can place ads on Google affiliate and partners’ websites, including Blogger, YouTube, and other million sites displaying Google ads. Google offers the simplest and most efficient customer relations in terms of accessibility. This makes Google company one of the fastest growing and competitive search engine companies in the world.




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