Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Future Healthcare Facilities in Bahrain

My paper talks about the opportunities of Entrepreneurship for future healthcare facilities in Kingdom of Bahrain. more concern about what is the opportunities we could find to be invest in for entrepreneurship.attached file is the proposal – where discussed with the supervisor and have some doubt in such as the objective was concern about the finding the negative points, and wasn\’t clear in the methodology such as the research type.I would appreciate if not concentrate on the proposal and start discussing with me the main core of the dissertation.I would like from the writer to submit chapter by chapter.I want from the writer to provide for me the data collection method – such as questionnaire – and I will collect the data and send it back to the writer for analysis.each chapter I will discuss it with the writer and inform him about the feedback of the supervisor to do the changes.attached file also the general guidance for the dissertation.I am urgently requesting chapter one for the discussion with the supervisor as I am little late to submit that chapter however later on you will have time to complete the others with more time.

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