Project VII

For this assignment, you will continue to work with the scenario you began in Chapters 1-6. Reread the information fromeach of these assignments at the end of each chapter. (Again, the “Westlake Research Hospital” scenario will act as anexample throughout this course.)Review the Textbook/Course Materials section of the syllabus and appendix B of your textbook for guidance on using thecorrect software programs.Instructions:1. Reread the introduction to your selected scenario at the end of all previous chapters.2. Read your scenario for Chapter 7 on page 155.3. Review the “Deliverables” section below.4. Review the “Suggestions for Scenarios” section on page 156 of your textbook for important details and ideas to assist you with your deliverables.5. Read the “Westlake Research Hospital” scenario on page 18, pages 41-45, page 61, page 80, page 101, page 124, and pages 155-156. Click here to review the suggested answer for this scenario to gain an understanding of what is expected of you on this assignment.6. Your SQL queries should be created, tested, and then copied and pasted into a Word file to be submitted to your instructor.Deliverables:1. Review the scenario and complete the task for your given scenario. The table below shows where you can find each list of tasks:Scenario Page Number for “To Do” ListWild Wood Apartments Page 155Vince’s Vinyl Page 155Grandfield College Page 155TextbookConger, S. (2014). Hands on database: An introduction to database design and development (2nd ed.). Upper SaddleRiver, NJ: Pearson.The following ebook can be accessed in the ebrary database within the CSU Online Library:Taylor, A. G. (2013). SQL for Dummies (8th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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