Final Project Research Paper

In Week 3, we learned about the research inquiry process, the history of technology in communication and the major media effects theories. Answer the prompts below as a series of essay questions with each taking about two pages. All of your answers combined should be no less than eight pages and employ 6-10 authoritative and credible sources, of which half must be peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. The overall paper’s ideas should be properly documented with in-text citations and an end-of-text reference list formatted according to American Psychological Association rules:•Describe the relationships between technological developments and the history of mass communication theories;•Assess the media ethics issues inherent in the government- and self-regulation of the news and entertainment media;•Explain major media effects theories; and•Use critical inquiry to evaluate communication research on social media. (Weeks 2 & 3 learning resources and other sources of your choosing based on the criteria.)

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