Essay, English

For this paper i would like to analyze two or three relatively current (within the past five years) print advertisements and write a well-organize, argumentative paper addressing these advertisements attempts at attracting consumer. Paying close attention to the images and written material in the ads. picking two or thee advertisements that either selling similar products or selling two different products in similar ways. it needs one core argument trying these two adds together, so picking two unrelated ads might make it difficult to compose a thesis statement. along with the advertisements, you may use up to two of the following four essays to support your points or just rely on your own analysis of the advertisements:

Susan Bordo\’s \”The Globalization of Eating Disorders\”, Todd Gitlin\’s \”Supersaturation or The Media Torrent and Disposable Feeling\”, Robert Watshow\’s \”the Gangster as Tragic Hero\”, and/or Lauren M.E. Goodlad\’s \”Why We Love \’Mad Men\”

At the end of essay can you please attach the links or the pictures of the ads analyzed.

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