Essay, History

In this assignment, you will use the SCIM method to analyze and interpret an historical document as a primary historical source ( While you may read any introductory (secondary) material included with the document, your paper should focus on the document itself.

You should use complete sentences and proofread your work for correct spelling and grammar. If it doesn\’t make sense to you, it wont make sense to me.

Choose one of the following readings:

Prester John letter (pp. 8 10)
Bernadino de Sahagn on European plants and animals in the Americas (pp. 17 20)
Martin Luther, from his Letter to the German Nobility (pp. 39 40)
Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, excerpts from his Turkish letters (pp. 60 64)
Excerpts from the Akbarnama (pp. 69 70)
Lineage Instructions (pp. 75 78)
Instruction files

assignment.docx(18,67 KiB)

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