Franchises – ASSIGNMENT 2 – BMBR5103

Assignment 2 is an extension of Assignment 1.
Prepare your Assignment 2 to include the following components:
1. Research Methodology
• Discuss how the research will be executed to achieve the proposed research
objectives. The methodology should be based on the methods that are used
in the research area to conduct the research. The methodology selected must
be able to achieve the listed research objectives. Please refer to any thesis,
journals and conference papers prior to choosing the appropriate methods to
conduct the proposed research. Provide at least TWO (2) literatures to justify
the selected methods.
• Discuss the study setting – experiment (lab or field) versus survey or case
study. This should clearly explain how the research will be conducted
[25 marks]
2. Data Collection / Requirement Gathering Methods
• Discuss about the data collection or requirements gathering methods that will
be used to conduct the research.
• Discuss about the sample selection procedure and the sampling framework (if
• Discuss about the data analysis process and what the proposed analysis
methods that would be used are (if necessary).
• Or how the research results will be validated and evaluated (for example the
use of benchmarking, data sets, case studies and others)
[15 marks]
Use a consistent style of referencing (APA 5th Edition). All articles, books mentioned in the
text must be cited in the bibliography section. The questionnaire source must be cited in the
bibliography. The bibliography section should at least consist of a minimum of 20 references
including all of the following: books, journals, online resources and magazines.
[10 marks]
Project Requirements:
Please adhere to the following requirements for the project submission standard format:
a. Font size: 11;
b. Font type: Times New Roman;
c. Line Spacing: 1 ½;
d. Margin – default setting;
e. Number of pages: 10 pages (text and important figures only) excluding
references, and cover page.
• Assignments should be submitted according to the fixed date.
• Append Assignment 1 in your Assignment 2 for reference.
• You are to submit a softcopy of your assignment online through myVLE and a hardcopy
to your facilitator.
• Plagiarism is not acceptable.

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