Gay Marriage


Gay Marriage


After the Massachusetts Supreme Court announced that allowing homosexuals to marry was giving them their constitutional right, enough debates, questions, answers, arguments, opinions and theory have been raised to last us a lifetime. All this has taken place between those who are in support, against and the ones who are not sure. Katha Pollitt has made her statement clear, homosexual marriages should be legalized.

The major concern in all these topics is whether the marriage institution will be degraded/ threatened or not. What will happen to the old meaning of marriage we have known it to be since a time we cannot even recall? Homosexuality has been practiced for many even before Christ (B.C). However, taking it to another level i.e. allowing marriage cannot be taken lightly. My thesis statement is it should remain Adam and Eve.


I am in agreement with Pollittt. Marriage was not created for procreation purposes only. However, it does not mean homosexuals should be given a right to marry on that ground. There is a sense of security that comes with the presence of male and female (father and mother) in a family. It is termed as a complete family even when there are no children. Those two are the building blocks of a nation. Whether homosexual marriages are be legalized or not, there are certain facts that will remain unchanged.

Men and women are and will never be the same. There are certain characteristics or behaviors men have and women have, which are different from each other, that enable them make them who they are and hence compliment each other. For example, women are more emotional than men are. This plays as an advantage and a disadvantage to them especially when matters of emotions are involved. This is why the men should be around when there are some decisions to be made. Having two males together or two females together may bring forth such an imbalanced family.

Children, whether biological or adopted, need father and mother figures in the family. If homosexuals are to marry, they will also be allowed to have children by whatever legal means. Picture a child introducing his/her parents to the other children. How will they put it? Whom will they introduce as the father and who as the mother? Whether we like it or not, a woman can only play the role of a mother. Of course, there are few exceptional, but the majority can only act as mothers and so is the case of the males. Bringing up a child in the family that is imbalanced is not doing right to the children. Many might argue that there are children who are brought up by single parents and they turn out to be fine but bringing up a child in a family with two “singles” is just too much. There are roles each play that cannot be substituted by the other.

One thing is quite sure; the legalization of gay marriages will change the society. The education in schools will have to be changed so that there is the inclusion of homosexual families into the syllabus, homosexual families/couples will be invited in schools so that they can talk to the children about homosexuality, and many other changes. The definition of marriage is definitely changing. It is being given another meaning. It is no longer ‘the coming together of a male and a female..” but “the coming together of two human beings…”

Until recently, homosexual marriages have not been allowed in many states in the world. Does it mean that the people were acting out of malice? Had they foreseen something? In simple terms, it means that as long as one is in love with the other, or as long as one feels like marrying the other, they can simply walk in one of the law offices and get the knot tied.

As it has been known for long, most churches are not with this statement made by the court. This might be unfortunate for those who would like to get married in church for most churches do not initiate such marriages. To them, marriage is still between a man and a woman. Majority of the people are known to be Christians. Christians follow the Bible and the Bible is against homosexuality. In fact, there was a man (Lot) in the bible who was willing to give up his virgin daughters to some men so that they would not have relations with other men.

Pollitt, who admits not to be a marriage person, may not fully understand the role heterosexual marriages play in the upbringing of a nation. Marriage has nothing to do with civilization. It may be change in order to make it better, but not to change its entire meaning. Andrew Sullivan who has written an article about gay marriages (For Gay Marriage), also feels that gay marriages should be allowed as it discriminates against homosexuals by denying them the right to marry. On the other hand, William Bennett who has written an article discouraging homosexuality (Against Gay Marriages) says that legalizing gay marriages is stripping marriage off its meaning.


As long as we may feel that we are welcoming civilization and equal rights to all, there are some things we cannot change. A mother was born a mother and she cannot play the complete role of a father no matter how hard she tries. The same case applies to a father. It no longer about the separation of the church and state but what we have not only known to be right but also feel it. Heterosexual marriages have stood the test of time as being the right marriages and thus defining the marriage. Including homosexual marriage into the recipe will only bring an outcome of a confused generation in future.

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