Going green for our light bulb manufacturing company

SUBJECT: Going green for our light bulb manufacturing company

The business world today is awash with many companies that have embraced green initiatives. Consumer awareness about the environmental benefits accrued from purchasing products that are produced under green initiatives has led to a clamor for going green in order to attract a larger market share by striking a rapport with customers. Unfortunately, some companies have hopped onto the “going green” bandwagon with the intention of riding the media hype with no real green initiatives. To avoid this greenwashing trend, our green initiatives will be holistic meaning that they will be carried out in all our departments and across the value chain. This refers to all activities, from purchase of raw material to production, transporting, marketing, and distribution must have genuine green initiatives in them.

Our priorities

Our company will target the low hanging fruits and will gradually increase its initiatives across multiple departments. We will start by using environmentally friendly raw materials, and the adoption of more environmentally friendly methods of production, transport, marketing and distribution. Some of the specific initiatives will include purchasing raw materials from suppliers that have already initiated genuine green initiatives, use of hybrid vehicles for distribution of products, improvement of production methods to ensure that our machines use less power by ensuring that they are used optimally, using recycled paper for packaging our bulbs, setting printers into duplex to save on paper in company correspondence, implementing recycling initiatives within the company and with employees, and providing shuttle services for employees to and from work to reduce the number of vehicles used. These initiatives will have proof of existence and efficiency and will be genuinely communicated to customers.

Societal and ethical issues

Societal and ethical issues arising from green initiatives must be avoided. Employee involvement and safety will be considered at all times. Provision of services that are geared towards going green like having shuttle services with the intention of reducing the number of vehicles driven into work will be done through consensus in order to avoid infringing workers rights and privacy. These employees must be provided with necessary capacities for safe and efficient production. Additionally, all byproducts in the production process will be handled in a manner that does not pollute the environment. This includes gases and effluence.

What other companies are doing

Many companies have initiated green initiatives that are achievable rather that grandiose. They range from printing on both sides of a paper to reduce the quantity of paper used to the paperless office where all activities and transactions are done online. Some companies have switched to efficient and clean energy sources like in the use of hybrid vehicles and electric machinery in place of petroleum propelled ones. Other initiatives include having trees in the office, increasing natural lighting in areas of production, recycling waste water, using solar energy by having solar panels as roofs or walls, using recycled materials, promoting recycling initiatives in employees, and tree planting. In order to stimulate employee participation, some companies have established reward schemes for the most environmentally friendly ideas. Additionally, those employees that are regarded as the most green-minded are rewarded to coerce others into doing the same. Eventually, regardless of the green initiatives preferred, companies must ensure that they are genuine, quantifiable and do not lead to conflicts.

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