ICT’s in a global context Essay

I CT in a Global Context

Weighting: 40%

There is a tension within the ICT and development discourse between those who see ICTs as the development saviour and those who are more skeptical and who do attempt to draw attention to the social, cultural, economic and political environment within which a country development efforts are embedded.

Use the knowledge and learning you have acquired on module to discuss this statement in the form of a 1500 essay. You will be assessed on the following:


Marking criteria:

Ability to write an academic essay
Ability to critically analyse the statement
Ability to apply theory to support your arguments
Evidence of research and application of knowledge obtained in your discussion
Clear essay structure including an introduction
References and an appropriately formatted bibliography
Careful proofreading for grammar, spelling, sentence construction and clarity
Wordprocessing (Times New Roman Font size 12, and 1.5 line spacing)

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