Implementation of the PPACA

Write a paper discussing what you believe the key issue for implementation of the PPACA will be in the next two years. How does the legal structure and current health legislation affect this issue either facilitating its resolution or to hindering it. Keep in mind Starr’s observation that “institutional legacies shape how people apply their values to specific spheres” (9) and include in your discussion how the legal system not only directly affects the issue but also indirectly affects the issue by shaping the values and preferences of the key actors in the system.

4 pages only. 3 pages text, 1 page citations
• 1” margins
• Times New Roman or other serif type, 11pt.
• 1.5 spacing
• Title: must be short and descriptive. Center on page, bold. 5
• Issue statement – one very short paragraph. Left justified heading “Issue” bold. Clearly state the
issue that will be discussed. If you have a question that you are asked to answer it will be
restated here.
• Brief answer – one very short paragraph. Clearly state your answer or outcome to the problem or
issue. Left justified heading “Answer” bold.
• Analysis – two and one half pages. Clearly and concisely analyze the problem or issue. The
analysis justifies your brief answer and elaborates. Left justified heading “Analysis” bold.
• Use APA formatting for your paper

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