Logics: Arguments

Logics: Arguments

Hillary Clinton’s Statement on Russian President

Recently, Hillary Clinton compared the decision by the Russian military to occupy Crimean peninsula in Ukraine and issue ethnic Russians with passports to the Nazi regime that occurred in 1930s (Jake, 2014). President Putin sent the military to occupy Crimean peninsula in order to protect the ethnic Russians from the attacks coming from the Ukraine nationalists. In reference to the Nazi activities, the former Secretary of State said Adolph Hitler defied the territorial sovereignty and entered into States like Czechoslovakia and Romania under the pretext of protecting the ethnic Germans while seeking territorial expansion.

Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Claims

Hillary posits that the military of Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler occupied Romania and Czechoslovakia under the pretext of protecting the ethnic Germans, but were actually seeking territorial expansion. Furthermore, Hitler provided the Germans in these two countries with German passports. These are the two propositions of Hillary’s argument. Next, Hillary claims that president Putin has sent the Russian military to occupy Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Furthermore, Putin is issuing passports to the ethnic Russians in Ukraine. This forms the middle part of the argument. Hillary then concludes that president Putin is Adolph Hitler of our time. This argument is deductive, true, valid, and sound. It is deductive since the truth of its premises guarantees the truth of the conclusion (Philosophy Lander, 2013). It is also valid since the truth of its conclusion follows from that of the premises. Furthermore, this argument is sound since it is valid and the premises are true. The truth of the premises rests on the actions of Nazi regime. These actions are universal precursors to the Second World War.


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