Millennials in the workplace.Discuss

Research Paper will be checked on turn it in. professor wants VERY limited quotes assuming to accurately gauge plagiarism. I think he is looking more for a Paraphrased paper citing sources in text.

As a potential manager, you are facing a workforce that is made up of primarily three active generations: “Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millenniums.” Millennial’s are flooding the job market. In 2015 they surpassed Generation Xers as the largest generation in the US workforce. There are known to be extremely confident, ambitious, and tech savvy all valuable qualities highly sought after by most companies. But something troubling is happening. As millennial’s poor into the workforce, companies are seeing drastically higher levels of employee disengagement and turnover. Job hopping is rampant. Clearly, companies are failing to connect with and inspire this new breed of employee and it’s costing a fortune. As millennial talent vanishes in search of greener pastures, companies pay heavily in knowledge loss, decreased productivity, and recruiting expenses. Your assignment, is to write a 6 to 8 page research paper not including cover sheet or references and propose actions that organizations must take to tract and retain this valuable resource. You are utilize our text reading material and additional external sources in building a case concerning what management must do to address this important issue and your grade will be dependent on the academic rigor that you utilize in your research efforts to build a case for how we will engage and maximize millennial talent. – Full assignment from professor

I have begun research and had a few ideas on importance of older generations accepting technology, in particular social networking sites and corporate social networking as a tool to transfer knowledge between these generational groups. some other ideas are increased importance of job placement and enforcing mulit generational teamwork to foster more productive work. i have sources downloaded to that could help align the paper

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