Music Essay

Music Essay

In our lives, we realize music is part and parcel of life for it may either come as way of entertaining or comfort in challenging situations. Music has commonly earned the ability to influence due to the accompaniment of the sounds. Consequently, it creates a unique reaction to the listeners that may bring either a positive impression or a negative one. Music has a character in which both the listener and the singer benefit. The essential modes of understanding music come about through hearing and listening. Both again are used in and applied in grammar to enhance understanding. Those people who use the mode of hearing they just master the sounds but not the content and in this way, they miss the whole concept about music.

In this way also, hearing the melody does not bring full music satisfaction and this leads to people getting weary of the music quickly. On the other hand, those people who take time to listen to the content of the music get to comprehend the music in a better way. For instance, listening encompasses influential concepts of music such as message, tone of the music, rhyming scheme and the length of the music. Through this analysis, the listener will be able to judge a particular form of music because he has evaluated all the concepts. Therefore, a good listener will be able to acquire maximum music satisfaction.

The enjoyable or distasteful experience of the music is determined by the ability of the listener to detect tone, rhythm, tempo and harmony. These components are comprised in the music. The listeners’ judgment on those items results to him liking the music or disliking it. Arts in particular relate also to music in which satisfaction is achieved through the alteration of the main theme. This concept relates grammatically to functional writing where the theme must be spelled out. The art of music has contributed to the societal identification for it acts as community mirror that reflects their lives. This reflection is generated through the theme and sound impact. Contrary to pictures and carvings, music cannot base themes from pictures for its main role is to pass messages in the right format. The theme of the music is displayed also by its concentration on the focused theme. Additionally, an elaborating heading also brings forth the purposed theme.

Music develops feelings that trigger emotions to the listener and this is as a result of ambience and love for the music. Our consciousness in music is achieved through our ability to have arousal of feelings by the music. This music sensation comes due to the presence of an implicit motivating incentive derived from the music. Love and emotions put pedestal to a higher concentration. Incentives in this way, affect the temperate condition of the listener. This temperate status of the body is essentially brought by the combination of great love and emotions related to a particular kind of music.

The distinctive components of music determine the extent of feelings. Through this way, music is perceived to have the power to change the state of intellectual of an individual. This alteration may come in relation to the type of beat and rhythm applied. In grammar, the arrangement of words may bring certain feeling to the reader hence a core relationship of music and grammar. Musicals that are accompanied by video are known to have a great impact to the audience because it can cause either happiness or displeasure hence facilitating contentment. The use of harsh words in grammar may be connected to rock music. This is because rock uses cunning words that provoke resentment, anxiety and exhaustion. Contrary to this, the use of polite and humble words in music brings cohesion and relaxation feelings to the listener.




The musical component has more than one connection with body feelings. For instance, the music itself has its own influence in the structure of human emotions. The tone of the music is a depiction of controversial life of the audience. In relation to grammar, music stanzas have different subjects as well as in the writing where different paragraphs talk about different subjects. The tonal variation of wording in grammar depicts change in mood and objective of the writer. This also applies with music where tonal change results to change of subject. The music components and feeling components are closely related because of they are intense. Commonly, many listeners may consent to the fact that some music is associated with depressing feelings and happy moods. In other styles, music that involves dancing will only evoke a happy feeling rather than calmness.

Despite the arousal of feelings, sound is another important factor in delivering the music subject. This may have a relation that different colors give different meanings. In writing, symbolism is a trait used to bring certain meanings to the audience. This is achieved through giving objects human characteristics. The characters used show a close relationship with others towards analyzing the common theme. Likewise, there is a connection between all musical applications using the same of tonal variation.

Imagery as displayed in the use of grammar is also related to the way varied musical tones can bring a certain feeling. These emotions create a mental picture varying from one person to another. In the modern world, we have different types of music such as the rock, classical, jazz and worship. Every musical style is distinct from each other according to the different moods and mental pictures they impart in the mind of the listener. Worship songs are meant to exalt God; therefore, words that regard to the action of rising and praising are used in order to bring the concept of worship. These songs bring a worship mood to the listener. With reference to spoken grammar, writing of a praising essay incorporates the use of praising words and hence bringing a close connection between written grammar and music. On the other hand, country music is distinguished from other types according to the way musical instruments are used. These songs bring memorable scenes of history. Therefore, past tense must be used in order to facilitate the theme of history. Through this way, a close relationship is established to enhance the display of the targeted theme.

Punctuations in a song like the use of commas and full stop shows a break or an end to a particular session. Grammatically, professional songs follow the rules of grammar in such a way that the tense is observed and the arrangement of words. This makes it ease for manifesting the subject matter of the music. The rhyming scheme in a song, which might be shown through repeating the line in every stanza, brings coordination in a song. Likewise, in written grammar such as poems, the rhyme scheme helps in memorization. This scheme is also important in the indication of alteration in feelings.

The song type that uses rhyme mostly is the rap music. This music comprise of vocals that are rhythmically accompanied by instrumentals. The instrumentals might be recorded drumbeats with a matching phase. The vocals are key emphasis in the music industry, meaning that the lyrics are considered in bringing forth the theme of the composition. These songs touch in areas such as politics, relationships and violence. Through this way, they give a clear depiction of the environment through which the writer is living in. In addition, the rap music is usually sung by the African people expressing the kind of troubles that they face every day. Through this song, the rhyming scheme shows that grammatically, there is relation between music and the formal writing. The use of a connecting word in the song enhances greater connection in verbal language and the written. The area of focus usually comes in the delivering of the main subject because listening and hearing comprise satisfaction of music desire.

The jazz is another type of music with its own style is designed to influence the audience by delivering the focused theme. The style is improved through the composition of recurring chords in sequence of sonata tread. The artwork in this kind of singing is characterized by the rhyming scheme. This enhances the audience to have a hint regarding to the theme of the song. The entertaining advantage of this kind of art is beneficial to both the composer and the audience at large. The grammar coordination of the song brings literally connects to the audience using words that facilitate enhancement of passion and mood. The instrumentation in this genre of music matched to suite the vocal rhythm of the singer. Through this way, music has facilitate coordination of the spoken word and the also of the written.

Therefore, the reactions brought by listening to the music have lead to the relationship in language. Music has been perceived to trigger emotions that create imagery and by this character, we find a connection. This kind of imagery is also used in the spoken language and thus enhancing communication. Music also is related with arousing feelings and thus according to the listener, satisfaction comes with keen consideration of tone and rhythm. This way music is related to grammar because like in music, grammar also requires listening and hearing for one to understand. Different types of music are said to bring different emotions to the audience. Therefore, songs have been used in different occasion to pass a certain message to the society. Consequently, different song composers have diverse themes that are determined by the environment that they live.


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