Organizing the Administrator

Organizing the Administrator

The police administrator is hindering the performance of the department, since the police administrator is not finishing the required job. The poor performance of the police administrator is attached to lack of organizational skills. This is an example of a workplace conflict; workplace conflicts are normal and unavoidable in the professional life. Leaders are encouraged to develop mechanisms of addressing conflicts in avoiding violent confrontations.

In my opinion, as the police administrator, having encouraged teamwork in the department, I would request on a feedback on the best ways of improving the working conditions in the department. There are five ways of dealing with workplace conflicts connected to accommodating, avoiding, compromising, collaborating and confrontation (Cloke & Goldsmith, 2000). In this context, the best way of addressing this workplace conflict is through collaborating. This will build an inclusive organizational culture.

As the police administrator, I would admit that I have challenges with organizational skills; this is the first stage in dealing with problems. Owning up to the problem plays an important role in solving the problem within the department (Rahim, 2010). I would enroll in an academic institution in order to improve my organizational skills, or engage a private tutor. Conflict and Leadership go hand in hand; addressing the problem in the workplace will encourage the subordinates to perform better as defined in the goals of the organization (Cloke & Goldsmith, 2000). I would be honest in addressing the problem and developing mechanisms of improving, this will be critical in building trust among the members of the department (Rahim, 2010).

As the police administrator, I would not fear the conflict, but rather embrace it and develop mechanisms of addressing the problem. Conflicts in the places of work are normal, and leaders have the responsibility of addressing the conflicts. The problem may be with the leaders or the subordinates, but in either way, the problem must be addressed in building an inclusive organizational culture.


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