Project Crashing

Project Crashing

Project crashing is characterized with reducing the completion time of a project according to the preset schedule in meeting the deadlines. There are diverse ways of addressing project duration through offering over time, assigning more labor to the activities of the project and allocating more resources to the project such as equipments and materials. Additional resources and labor result to increased cost of the project; project crashing is influenced by trade-off between cost and time.

The main objectives attached to project crashing are in reducing the scheduled completion time, absorbing indirect costs and in averting possible penalties attached to late delivery of projects (Williams, 2008). Project crashing is realized through adding resources hence reducing the project time. Crash time is related to time reduced in the project activities. Crash cost is related to the costs involved in the processes of reducing activities.

There are different steps involved in project crashing. Project teams have the responsibilities of estimating crash time, crash cost, require the cost and require time for each of the activities involved in the project. The teams then estimate the total crash cost, total crash time and total crash cost in a week; this is influential in reducing the overall project duration at the lowest costs possible (Williams, 2008). Project teams must develop excellent mechanisms of addressing indirect costs that arise from the project crashing. This is influential in making sure that the project is as profitable as possible (Williams, 2008).

Project crashing is done in a way that the duration of the project is minimized, and the costs of the project are kept as low as possible. Effective project management is critical in building the reputation of the organizations involved and the reputation of the professionals.





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