Fast Tracking

Fast Tracking

Fast tracking is carried out in projects in shortening the duration taken by projects. Fast tracking of projects is facilitated by scheduling tasks that were originally designed run one after another in running concurrently. There are diverse benefits and risks involved in fast tracking of projects.

There are possibilities of fast tracking of projects without sacrificing quality or scope, and the same time at no additional costs. Fast tracking works well through resource allocation (Williams, 2008). An example, a solution is constructed after the design is complete; for smart project teams, the teams initiate building of solutions while at the same time preparing the design. There are chances that fast tracking will lead to reworking on the project and added costs. There are possibilities for the design to change with the environmental influence, which will in turn alter the processes. Resource allocations are critical in facilitating working systems (Williams, 2008).

Researchers argue that fast tracking can be effected to up to thirty three percent. In fast tracking, the teams use the available resources in assigning two or more activities at the same time. The subsequent activity is assigned after the first activity has reached at least sixty six percent (Williams, 2008). There are normally accepted fast track risk associated with the allocation of resources and activities.

Fast tracking is influential with the experienced teams, who facilitate better transition of activities with limited frictions and high levels of efficiency. Teams allocate resources to the activities that bring out the best in the project; this is possible with advanced experience in project management. Teams must engage all the stakeholders in the project in facilitating fast tracking. The model of resource allocation defines the nature of fast tracking in projects.




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