Provide a language enriched environment that promotes functional communication, socialization and independence.Explain.

you are going to create a graphic for the model of professional development that your district needs. This model must be based on your district’s vision, mission, and/or goals. It should include what the district is going to provide, the inputs that the teachers will receive, and the outputs that the teachers will develop. It should reflect all three areas of development that is used in Evans’ (2008) model:
– Intellectual Development
– Attitudinal Development
– Functional Development

Underneath the model, write a one paragraph summary of why you designed the model the way that you did and how it addresses the district vision, mission and/or goals, and the intellectual, attitudinal and functional development of teachers.
This is the mission/ vision of Euclid City School in Cleveland, Ohio that I want you to develop:
Mission Statement
The Early Learning Center will:

Create an opportunity for every child to learn in a safe environment.
Promote childrens strengths while supporting their challenges.
Establish a bridge between home and school to develop a trusting relationship to optimize each childs potential.
Implement evidence-based instruction in foundational literacy and mathematics.
Provide differentiated instruction to meet every childs needs.
Utilize developmentally appropriate practices that include intentional teaching strategies to optimize learning.
Provide a language enriched environment that promotes functional communication, socialization and independence.

Vision Statement

Through a language enriched environment that incorporates written words, music, movement and imaginative play, children will socialize and establish relationships with peers, while incorporating the building blocks for kindergarten readiness.

P.S. do not write the mission/vision in the paper, it will be waste of 250 words 🙂

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