PS411_Part II

• TITLE:Fundamentalisms & the State
• AUTHOR:Marty
• PUBLISHER:University of Chicago Press
• ISBN:9780226508849
• TITLE:Londonistan (w/New Afterword)
• AUTHOR:Phillips
• PUBLISHER:Encounter Books
• ISBN:9781594031977
• TITLE:Gods, Guns, & Globalization
• AUTHOR:Tetreault
• PUBLISHER:Lynne Rienner Publishers
• ISBN:9781588266590
• TITLE:Global Resurgence of Religion & Transformation…
• AUTHOR:Thomas
• PUBLISHER:St. Martin’s Press (Use for List Prices Bks Only)
• ISBN:9781403961570

In Part I of this assignment I am taking a stance that the ISI, is actively funding and supporting the radical religious group, the Taliban, in Afghanistan. My partner is taking an opposite stance. I’ve attached the Assignment Instructions which includes Part I and Part II instructions, so that way you have an understanding of how to incorporate the 2. Please let me know if you have any questions. I have also listed the books used in this class and if you want to use any of them as a reference please feel free. Thank you very much.

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