Research Proposal

Research Proposal


The paper is a report of the challenges that are facing the Obama administration in their quest of war on terror in Afghanistan. The war, which started a few months after the September 11 2001 terrorist attack, has not stopped ever since. The key cause for the war however was the suspected harboring of the key suspect in the war, Osama Bin Laden, by the Afghan government. This also led to the removal of the Taliban government. The Taliban government however, was given a choice by America to either give up Osama or be attacked, they chose not to so they were attacked. The Taliban government dissolved then re-assembled and the war against them by America has been going on ever since. The US has been facing numerous challenges since the inception of the war and with clear thought and cooperation from the Afghans, a solution can be reached.

Problem Statement

Due to the problem stated above, there is need to find out if among the objectives of the American invasion on Afghanistan was to make sure the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda did not get shelter and protection in the country, and to ensure the Taliban did not overthrow the Afghan government. There is also the need to find out if the strategy being followed is one aimed at reducing the insurgency in Afghanistan to capacitate the Afghan government to build. The research shall also be concerned with the challenges faced by the US mostly inherent challenges that are characterized in a war torn state and if the high insurgency rate in the country is a challenge for the US. In addition, it will state if the insurgents get shelter from neighboring countries. The research shall also be aimed at finding out if there is a challenge of lack of sufficient funding for the war, and if this lack of funding came from the congresses reviewing of the budget downwards. The research shall also find out if the partners in the coalition have pulled their support and if this has resulted in a strain for the US government in terms of funding, military resources and personnel.

The research shall be also aimed at finding out if Pakistan, is aiding the insurgents, and if they are cooperating with the US. It shall also focus on the local forces on the ground in Afghanistan to find out if they have adequate resources and training and if they have the capacity to tackle the problem of insurgency. The research shall entirely be based on finding out if there shall be results from the war or shall the US government continue to use taxpayer money without results. The endangering of the lives of military personnel without good cause shall also be a topic of interest in the research. The research shall also attempt to find out if the American Government is facing internal wrangles over the war and if it has limited resources for the military.


The main method to be used shall involve the use of state documents and scholarly articles that are published about the issue. These shall shed light on finding out if there are solutions that can be used. Another method shall be conducting of interviews with key agents of the government who can shed some credible light on the issue. This shall involve the collaboration with the press who shall have information on the issue including interviews that have already been done.


The research shall follow all the objectives and utilize available resources to achieve the final goal. The evaluation plan shall have good follow up procedures with formative evaluation that shall enable me to evaluate if the project is going according to plan.

Works Cited:

Knox, Olivier. “US lawmakers beat back Afghan war challenge after leaks.” Web. 5 Feb 2010. This is a scholarly web article, which systematically examines the afghan war and how the congress is dealing with the issue. The article gives credible insights on the actions that the US government are willing to take to combat the insurgents in Afghanistan. On this research, it gives the information on the budget allocations and the reasons as discussed in the congress. Homeland Security, 2010. Web. 5 Feb 2010.This is a scholarly web article, which provides a brief summary and outline of the whole operation going on in Afghanistan. It gives the information on how the issue is affecting America’s national security and what the public demands of the government concerning the issue. The article is used in the paper to state the public’s demands.

Gill, Moses. “Obama’s Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, March 2009”. Web. 5 Feb 2010.In addition, this scholarly web article provides a brief summary and outline on President Obama’s strategy concerning the war in Afghanistan. It includes talks and agreements that have transpired since he took over. In the paper, it is used to highlight the recommendations made and the new strategies to be laid down.

Hecktkopf, Kevin. “Obama’s Plan For Afghanistan And Pakistan”. Web. 5 Feb 2010.This web article is from a credible news agency that gives press statements and interviews with President Obama where he talks about the Afghanistan issue. It is used in the paper to give the recommendations suggested and to give the general plan and new course of action in the country.

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