Style and who cares

Style and who cares

Leadership styles refer to the manner in which leaders exercise their powers to influences their followers. Participative style is the best leadership style for an administrator. This is supported by the coordination and participatory feeling which is created among the group member before any decision is made. When an issue has to be resolved in an organization, participative leader makes sure that the members make their contribution fully, while in some cases the members themselves have to make the decision themselves (Schmid, 2006). Considering that most organizational issues have their origins, information from the grass roots can only be offered by the members. Even though it time consuming, participative leadership style considers all possible solutions from the members and thus making them have a sense of responsibility (Zabihi, 2012), before making any decision.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” For an administrator, showing officers and the community that he/she cares is a very important aspect expected in leadership. This concerns the behavior of an administrator which defines the two styles of task-oriented leadership and relationship-oriented leadership. In showing care (relationship–oriented), the administrator concerned can give employment opportunities to the neighboring community (Zabihi, 2012). Creating integrity in the members also introduces care, which improves their responsibility as they perform tasks without supervision. The common consideration of administrator care is observed during members’ financial constrains and health related issues. An administrator shows concern by offering financial advance payments to the financially oppressed members, while a rest period is offered to the member with health problems. These concerns increase the members’ and officials’ trust on the administrator as a caring leader, unlike for task-oriented who minds only total organizational output.


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