Sustainable Talent Management at Armco Limited

Sustainable Talent Management at Armco Limited

Human Resources Management support talent management as part of the sustainable management of the human capital. Employees in organizations are one of the valued resources. The world is experiencing drastic changes with globalization and socialization. The changes in the business environment have made organizations develop mechanisms of developing sustainable talent management.

  1. Performance Management Process Employed In Measuring Employee Talent In Armco Limited

Measuring talent in Armco Limited will make use science in gauging the competencies of the employees. The scientific talent measurement tools will be influential in providing genuine insights on the capabilities of the employees within the organization (Berger & Berger, 2010). The talent measurement tool will also be prominent in producing objectives meaningful and consistent with the vision and mission of Armco Limited.

Talent measurement tests will be used in assessing the abilities, knowledge, skills, vocational interests, personality traits, judgment and experience of the twenty teams in Armco Limited. The scoring is automated in a way that the ratings will be reliable in making sustainable decisions on talent management. Science based interviews to be used in Armco Limited will focus at the past performance behaviors of the employees. The questions involved in science based interviews are designed in line with the competencies of the employees (Berger & Berger, 2010).

Each and every employee in Armco Limited is different; Armco Limited boasts two hundred employees and the numbers will change with the changing business environment. The performance management processes used in measuring the employee talents will be instrumental in training and development, hiring new employees, promoting existing employees and in effective workforce planning (Sims, 2011).

Performance management in Armco Limited will include activities that will ensure that the goals and objectives of the organization are attained in a consistent manner. Performance management in Armco Limited will focus at performance of company, employees, teams and the processes involved within the organization. Armco Limited will be in a capacity of aligning the systems, employees and resources with the strategic priorities and objectives (Oakes & Galagan, 2011).

Effective employee management and system development will enable Armco Limited to align the objectives of the organization in facilitating effective delivery of operational goals and strategic goals. It is expected that performance management software and programs will be influential in improving the business results. Performance management process in Armco Limited will foster direct financial benefits, energized workforce and diversified management control.

  1. Key Concepts Related To Talent Pools And The Talent Review Process

Talent pools are characterized with databases with the profiles of all the candidates interested in working within a chosen organization. Vacancies with Armco Limited direct the leaders within the facility to the talent pools where the profiles of the applicants are matched to the job opportunities within the organization. Talent pools in Armco Limited will be created and used in making sure that the organization recruits future employees more efficiently (Goldsmith et al., 2009). Creation of talent pools is possible after surplus candidates show interest in a position; all potential candidates to some extent have the qualities being fetched by the organization.

Talent pools in Armco Limited will be influential in reducing the costs of recruitment and advertising for the posts. Armco Limited will benefit through cost per hire since candidates proposed to fill the available pools will be available to the organization in the shortest time possible. Armco Limited will manage to save time per hire since the talent pools will provide the needed candidates in the shortest time possible (Kim & McLean, 2012). Armco Limited will manage to assess all the materials and candidates needed in the recruitment process in the shortest time possible.

Armco Limited will manage to source the most experienced human capital from the market. The company will match the experience of the candidate with the available roles with a possibility of building a competitive edge from the candidates. Armco Limited will manage to build a strong brand confidence considering that the organization will source experienced and talented candidates from the talent pools (Jeswani & Sarkar, 2008). Armco Limited while sourcing for potential candidates from the talent pools must consider transferable skills. Talent pools are useful to organizations if used in the right way; time is spent in managing and nurturing the talent within organizations. Armco Limited will manage to keep a community of willing candidates in working with the firm (Iles et al., 2010).

There are different steps involved in talent review process. Top management teams at Armco Limited must understand that managing movements of the talents is significant, in the same way Armco Limited will manage finance, brand and other resources. The talent review process in Armco Limited will foster global succession activities in making sure that the right employees are allocated in the right positions within the organization, and in making sure that the organization builds a sustainable leadership platform.

Steps engaged by Armco Limited in talent review process identify with identifying the talent, reviewing the identified feeder roles, completing the talent review templates, filling in the gap analysis and in sharing with the employees on the post talent review feedback (Berger & Berger, 2010).

  1. Talent Management Objectives In Measuring Functional Expertise

Talent management objectives within Armco Limited will be designed in ways that the talent management systems will continuously create and optimize the talent resources. Talent management objectives will be prominent in executing the business strategies within Armco Limited, which will be connected to developing, attracting, engaging and retaining the human capital. The performance of the functional expertise in talent management should be driven by the strategic goals preset by the organization (Silzer & Dowell, 2009). Armco Limited will manage to add value to the organization through continuous improvement and innovation (Goldsmith et al., 2009).

The talent management objectives to be used in measuring functional expertise identify with talent attraction, talent engagement, talent development and talent retention. Functional skills are influential in running of organizations; functional expertise will best be reviewed by acknowledging the strong points in employees critical in building a competitive edge in organizations. Talent assessments are used by organizations in pre-employment tests that allow organizations to seek applicants matching their interests. Talent assessments are also referred to as the employment screening tests or pre-employment tests and are used by organizations in finding the best fit of the candidates within an organization (Chugh & Bhatnagar, 2006).

Talent assessments have been influential in Armco Limited in making sure that the organization predicts the right hires depending on the available position; this has been influential in making sure that the choices made by the organization are retainable and offer the best performance. Armco Limited makes sure that the candidates who have managed to pass the assessment test have the same capabilities as the employees existing within the institution. Talent assessments are carried out before the candidates are hired in the target organization (Downs & Swailes, 2013). This is different from the employee performance management process that is involved to the employees already working with the organization.

Employee performance management involves setting expectations and planning work, continually monitoring the performance of employees, developing capacities that promote employees in performing better, periodically rating the performance of the employees and rewarding excellent performance of the employees. Top management teams at Armco Limited will use employee performance management through planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding the employees within the facility.

  1. Key Elements Of Global Talent Management As They Apply To Armco Limited

Global talents management is characterized with managing multicultural workforce. Businesses in the modern era have recognized that the world is full of talents emanating from the multicultural societies. Shifting demographics have forced organizations to change from the normal operations in accommodating diverse workforce preferences from different cultures. Most of the multinational organizations have learnt the act of acquiring the best talents from the diverse markets in building competitive edges.

Multinational organizations are facing global talent management through the differentiated approach and the inclusive approach depending on context. Armco Limited can also tap from employees from the global arena. Managing multicultural employees is not an easy task, but the practice has a capability of building a competitive edge (Berger & Berger, 2010). Armco Limited will have to align the employees with the corporate strategy, promote internal consistency, encourage cultural inclusiveness, effectively manage involvement, create mechanisms of balancing local needs and global needs and brand its products through market differentiation.

Leaders in Armco Limited have the responsibility of understanding that drawing talents and managing a multicultural workforce has a capability of building a competitive edge. Multicultural workforce is characterized with employees from different gender, age, race, marital status and national origin among other differences (Chugh & Bhatnagar, 2006). Armco Limited can tap the benefits of multicultural employees attached to the ability for the organization to draw different perspectives, broader coverage of issues, better management of differences and better communication within the organization

  1. Recommendations For Sustainable Talent Management Process

Leaders and managers in Armco Limited must have a clear picture in that they have responsibilities of creating sustainable talents within the organization. The talents of future leaders within Armco Limited  will be shaped by the current sustainable talent management processes. Most firms have a belief that hiring talents from outside the organizations provide the best results; this is not always true as internal employees have great potential with slight motivation (Iles et al., 2010). Armco Limited can develop mechanisms of tapping talents from within the organization in building sustainable talent management.

This paper recommends that sustainable talent management process starts with the business strategy of Armco Limited; the second step is hiring for now and also for the future, recognizing that talent management is core to the operations of Armco Limited. In addition, incorporating talent management in the organizational culture, measuring talent management and understanding that talent management is making a difference in Armco Limited. Additional recommendations are attached at developing, identifying and promoting high performing employees and using internal developments in managing talent gaps. The approach will be prominent in the management and building of sustainable process.

Corporate social responsibilities programs and sustainability initiatives are critical in handling social, financial and environmental issues within an organization. Corporations have changed the perceptions on issues of accountability, with employees having a share of responsibilities and the organizations taking the rest of the responsibility on issues relating to human capital. Stakeholders and shareholders in organizations are part of the employees within a firm, and the human capital has an influence on the talent management. Armco Limited must make sure that the 200 employees currently working in 20 teams are managed efficiently, and motivated in delivering a competitive edge.


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