The Global Significance of Why Political Geography Matters (The Arab Spring: Its Geostrategic Significance)

1. Task Name: The Global Significance of Why Political Geography Matters2. :1.Select one N American,Latin American,Mideast, Asian or other global Choke Point(see class list).2.Analyze the \”global strategic significance\” of this location with some reference to surrounding political geographies.You must clearly ID global significance or impact if closed or interdicted.3.Examples include: Hormuz Straits(upwards of 90% of all Mideast seaborne oil enter international markets vis this strait)Saudi Arabia,UAE,Iran etc;Gibralter,Turkish Straits(Dardenelles and Bosporus),Khyber Pass,Pakistan,Afghanistan,China and Russia etc.,Chumbi Pass.India and China.Malacca Straits,Korean or Tushima Straits,Suez or Panama Canal.80% of China\’s oil imports transit the Malacca Straits.4.Paper must be a minimum of 2 double spaced pages plus references plus one map ID your research focus.***I have picked my focus for the topic, which is \”The Arab Spring: Its Geostrategic Significance\”***Please provide a key map for the research as stated in the description.Thank you!

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